What kind of Worship are we talking about?

Reformed worship dates back to the 16th century and John Calvin.  Calvin's liturgies were considered radical at the time but the worship principles he introduced have endured and are still in use in Palo Alto.  Reformed worship is characterized by the centrality of the word of God as given to us in the Bible. We also believe worship consists of a dialog between God and his people and we encourage the congregation to be active participants in this dialog.

The worship style at PACRC is often called “convergence worship.”  We try to blend the best of various worship styles into our Sunday morning service.  


We are commemorating the Reformation that began 500 years ago with a series of sermons that reaffirm the basics of the gospel, and help us to live out the basic tenets of our faith.

On October 29, we will celebrate together with the San Jose Christian Reformed Church at their site, 10:00am (5150 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124).

Easter Brass Accompaniment 

Easter Brass Accompaniment