Yup, we're like a family. It's give and take. Sometimes it's messy, but mostly it's wonderful!

Since the late 50's, we've been meeting together in this place. Some folks live close by and others travel quite a distance. We have varied backgrounds: some of us came to faith in Jesus later in life and some of us grew up in it. Some of us are Dutch immigrants who came by way of Canada in the 60's, some of us came to study at Stanford and stayed, and some of us are recent immigrants from Indonesia. We are Silicon Valley tech, med, film, and pharma workers. We are folks just trying to get by in an overpriced, overpopulated, overly beautiful area. You're going to fit right in.


Our Mission and Goal

Worship God and Serve Others. Boom. It's really that straight-forward. Of course it's still a challenge, but that's why we need to come together. We are able to celebrate God's love and praise God better together. We are also able to encourage and support each other much better when we do it together.