Sunday School for any age

Sunday School for preschool children, middle/high school students, and adults is currently offered on a regular schedule from 9:15 am to 10:15 am during the school year. We're eager to offer classes to elementary school kids too (grades K-6). Please know they are welcome! Contact us if you are interested in classes for kids of that age range (

You can always check the church calendar for holidays and special events that may affect the Sunday School schedule.

Adult Sunday School

We have wonderful and enlightening discussions guided by a church leader. We often read and discuss a book excerpt or watch and discuss a video. Sometimes guests are given this time to introduce us to an organization or topic of special interest. We normally offer coffee too. Please join us!

Sunday School for Children and Youth

Taking the gospel to heart is strengthened by hearing the Bible and discussing what others have written in response. We do this in various ways that are age appropriate for those who attend.

Child Care?

Yes. We have childcare available during the Sunday School hour, 9:15am to 10:15am (as well as during the worship service at 10:30am). All are welcome!