Why the guys should make the coffee at church...

Because the bible says: "Hebrews" 

Ok, well now that we've gotten that corny joke out of the way.  Some of you might know that Easter is not just a single day, but is in fact a whole season (like Lent or Advent).  We've celebrated that Jesus rose from the dead (more on that later).  But we get to continue to celebrate it and some of it's implications.  After all, one Sunday of Easter wasn't enough for the disciples, it's probably not gonna be for us either.  

One of the things that Jesus' resurrection means for us is that God has vindicated and validated everything about Jesus life and teaching as right and good.  Essentially, it's God's way of proving that we got it all wrong by killing Jesus.  

Jesus is in fact the Son of God (he said so), and so we should pay very close attention to what Jesus said and did, for he told us to follow him (he said as much on a few occasions).  Resurrection is God's way of saying: "there is no clearer or better way to know me and my ways in the world than through Jesus."  But this shouldn't be news, after all, God at Jesus baptism and on the mountain said it twice already: "This is my beloved Son, listen to him."  

During the Easter season, we're going to take some time to look at the Letter of Hebrews.  It was written to some Christians about the importance of seeing, holding on to and trusting Jesus and what he taught, even when life turns out differently than you had hoped.  These Christians were finding out that following Jesus required far more endurance than they may have initially imagined.  Thank goodness we have a hope that is literally stronger than death!  

I found a really great introduction to the letter, which you might find useful as well.  

I can't wait to see you guys on Sunday.  May the good news of the resurrection find you today, and everyday until then.